People to know:

The Dalai Lama.  I love his books and to hear him speak.  He brings such wisdom and joy in spiritual practice.  I would recommend anyone listen to what he has to say.

Ram Dass – one of the most interesting people I know of.

Dharma Teachers, and especially my favorites Jack Kornfield, Ajahn Sumhedo, and Martine Batchelor.

Cool videos:

The Story of the Buddha

Your mind is your sixth sense… by anushka fernandopolle

Thrive – The Movement

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds



How to See Yourself as You Rally Are – by the Dalai lama

The Dhammapada by Eknath Eswaren


Dharmaseed.org – Collection of thousands of great quality dharma talks.

Leigh Brasington’s Website.  This place is so cool!  Make sure to check out his resource section…. Leigh is a pro.

Access to Insight – The story and teachings of The Buddha


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Dharma Seed

Dharmaseed – Thousands of good dharma talks.

Meditation Timer – The app I use to track my meditation hours.  They have great guided meditation as well.


Ram Dass  – Be Here Now.  One of the best podcasts ever.