Personal Development

People to Know:

Jim Rohn:

Tony Robbins:

Tim Ferriss:

Dan Hardy:

Art Williams:  Ever wonder where nike got their slogan, ‘Just Do It’?  Art baby.

David Sandler – 99% of people, even in the success industry have probably never heard of this guy.  I was very randomly introduced to him by a specific sales manager when I used to sell insurance.  From the moment I heard his material, I realized that he was a social genius.  His strategies, techniques, beliefs, communication abilities, and intuition are unparalleled.  Whether you work in sales or not, everyone would benefit from understanding The Sandler Selling System.  Truly remarkable.

Gary Vaynerchuk



Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankyl


The Kahn Academy – Free online courses.  Great for helping kids in school. – Free online courses.


The Tim Ferriss blog on Overcast and itunes.  I probably learn more from his show than from any other podcast.


Jim Rohn, “Learn These Skills or Live a Mediocre Life”.  This is the greatest personal development I’ve ever seen. I watched this video for the first time when I was 26, and had no idea the effects it would have on my life.


Art Williams – “Just Do It” speech.  Where do you think Nike got their slogan?


How tall will a tree grow?  Hear it in this talk by Jim Rohn.


‘The Ant Philosophy’ by Jim Rohn