Health & Nutrition

People to know:

Joel Fuhrman

Rich Roll

Ray Cronise

Michael Gregor

Cool Videos:

John Ambramson talk’s about the dangers of our prescription medicine sytem in our healthcare system today.

John Robbins “Diet for a new America”

Joel Fuhrman youtube.  Good one right here.


Eat to Live!  My favorite book ever.  I’ve read it over 7 times.  You may be more interested in some of his newer books, which contain more up to date information about nutrition.  Especially if you have or know someone with heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, you must check out one of his disease specific books that will be much more comprehensive.


Internet Articles:

The Wim Hof Method, a summary.


Global cancer map.  The latest in nutritional medical research.  Dr. Michael Gregor, the creator, is great at making these short 3-4 minute videos that explain what science says about various health issues.

Nutritional Research Foundation.

What’s in season?  a map of what southern Californtia produce is in season and when.



The Rich Roll Podcast on Soundcloud and itunes.