Hello, my name is Mark.  I am a 29 year old yogi from Orange County, California.

I enjoy reading, exercise, camping, slacklining, playing chess, watching football, investing, and enjoy serving other people.

For work I am a special education history teacher at a high school, as well as a certified health coach.  I am a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and am so passionate about health, nutrition, and personal development that I decided to create this website.

Oh, and one more thing, I have one of the most adorable shitzu-poodles in the whole world named Missy.

I wanted to create this website for a few good reasons.

Here’s my story as it pertains to you:  This part is really long so it will be turned into a short video one day soon.
Part 1

Growing up, and until about age 24, I was overweight, unhappy, and had virtually no confidence in myself.  Shortly after a blindly getting a B.A. degree during college, I lost 50 pounds after learning the truth about nutritional science and how to eat efficiently to maximize my health.

Shortly thereafter, I started taking personal development, time, and money management very seriously.  Around the same time as all of that, after growing up Christian and then turning long time athiest, I had an experience that reconnected me with my spirituality. By age 26, I was never the same.  I’ve been loving this journey so much, I wanted to share my story with you.

Throughout childhood and my early 20s, I ate the same foods as everybody else. I never thought of what I ate as being that important. Consequently, throughout my entire childhood, I was overweight, unhappy, and didn’t have a damn clue what to do about it.
I tried multiple diets, but after a week or a month of depriving myself, I’d give up and revert to my usual ways.

When I first heard about nutritarianism, I didn’t believe it at first, but now, through my own experience, I know it’s true.

Like I said, just by changing my daily eating habits I lost 50 pounds, and it was relatively easily!  I heard Ray Cronise make a great point one time.  He said that no matter what your diet style is, we all usually have the same 10-15 homemade or eat out meals we like to eat.  If your old diet style isn’t working for you, if you are overweight, sick, or on medications, you proabably need to get healthier.  By changing your ways and getting used to 10-15 healthy meals you can enjoy, it gets easy!

Since those dark early days, I have COMPLETELY turned my health around, reached my normal weight, feel amazing, sexy, and never worry about getting sick.  It’s not always easy, but it is sure as hell worth it!!!


The only person who can take care of your health is you.
Doctors can’t do it. Your mom can’t do it. The government sucks at doing it.

Taking care of your health t is completely up to you.

Today the world is fatter, sicker, and more dependent on drugs than in any time in human history. As human beings, we need to find a better way.  I can help you find that way on this website.

Growing up, I had terrible acne, sweaty armpits (and so strangely, the right one a lot sweatier than the left), and close to zero confidence with girls.  By the time I graduated from college I weighed over 225 pounds.   I’ve been there, and I know it feels like shit.  It’s been 6 years and I’m still struggle with certain aspects, but I wake up every day ready to try again.

When I was 26 years old, I found a man who taught me the skills and ideas that it really took to be successful.  I was sitting in a hospital room, watching a video about him on YoutTube.  Within a few minutes, my jaw was on the floor.  Within a half an hour, I paused the video to take immediate action on what I was learning.

For the years a few years prior to this, I had been learning about concepts like success or what I now call ‘personal development’ by people like Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and David Sandler.  I always liked that stuff.  Even as a dumb teenager who made anhorrant decisions on a daily babsis, I would always hear stuff like that and think, man.  That stuff is right, that stuff is powerful, but never really did anythng about it until my mid twenties. After hearing a few of the biggest names in the industry talk about their mentor early on, a guy named Jim Rohn, I I decided to look him up.  Today, years later, I can identify that moment as being one of the major turning points in my life.  Like I said, I heard all of that stuff before, but I never heard it said so simpley, so bluntly, so well..

I walked over to the UCLA campus librARY AND GOT MYSLEF A MOLESKINE got myself a journal.  He would later tell me, “Don’t use your head as a filing cabinet” haha.  I had been doing so for 26 years.  My life and mentality has changed a lot since then, and I have devoted many hours to studying his wisdom.  To this day I listen to his audio programs and lectures all of the time.  time.     I never realized how powerful personal development is and can now tell I will be a junkie for life.  One of the major ideas he shared with me that I simply did not understand beforehand was this:

The only way things will change for you is when you change.  Well, I listened, I did, and I’today I am so thankful.
The third major life change for me happened part of my story is when I regained touch with my spirituality.  I will not disclose much about that subject here, and won’t talk about it nearly as much as other subjects in my blog.  However,  My newfound beliefs are now a major part of me, and add tremendous meaning to my life.  to this day I am still NOT religious, but think of myself as being spiritual and a good person instead.  Although I won’t talk about it much, you can find resources as to what I believe in and what has hmade as much as an impact on me as anything else you will see here.
I wanted to create this website for a few good reasons.

  1. An online portfolio to collect and share what I learn
    • First and foremost, I will forever be a student.  I come across so much incredible information in my studies and collect the best stuff in my journal.  The way I see it, I would be selfish and unreasonable to keep it all to myself.
  2. To coach and change people’s lives
    • My ultimate passion and purpose in life.  Even though I love working with students with special needs, on day I would like to speak about and share this stuff with people full time.
    • I’m here to build a legacy.  I want to impact people in a way that will last long after they bury me in the ground.
  3. I know what it’s like to be fat and unhappy
    • I’ve lived the struggle.  I know what it’s like.  In fact, I am not perfect and still fuck up all the time.  However, over the years I have gained a lot of experience, and I today I’m a lot better at kicking it’s ass.
    • I know how frustrating it is to hate the way you feel about your body, be afraid of getting a disease, and losing 20-40 years off my lifespan to poor health.  I know how uncomfortable it feels to drudge throughout the day with a gnawing, aching feeling chewing at my guts and I’m determined to conquer those fears.
    • Today, I consider myself closer to the mountain than most people, so I created this website in order to help other people who are struggling find their way back on the right path.

The final reason is simply that I believe I can give you the best info.

John Maynard Keynes used to be one of the greatest economists in the United States.  Like all influential people, he had is critics.  Once during a high-profile government hearing a critic accused him of being inconsistent, and Keynes reportedly answered with:

“When the facts change, I change my mind.  What do you do, sir?”

How true!

When I see better facts, better science, better information of any kind, I’m open to changing my opinion.  Simple as that.

I was lucky enough to find it at a young age and it totally transformed my life.  Here, I want to share it with you.