As you look at these pages, imagine you are shopping: take and use only those ideas that apply to you now.

You don’t have to agree with or use everything I say, but read the following pages with an open mind.  I will expose you to things that made an incredible difference in my life.

One of the main themes here is how to get smarter.  I believe that being dumb is incredibly dangerous.

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you” comes from a romance novel by Petit Palace in 1576 by a man named George Pettie.  He also said, “So long as I know it not, it hurteth mee not.”

Well, maybe in certain cases George, but I think in general you were so wrong.

What you don’t know will hurt you.  Not knowing better can cost you your health, your money, your happiness, your relationships, and sometimes your life.  I believe it’s valuable to find out how how things work to keep from getting hurt.

This website is my search for techniques on how to healthy, wealthy, and wise.  New ideas for your mind, body, and soul.

I hope you find something you enjoy!

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Thank you.